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Big Island Hot Sauces

God Fearing Monkeys
Mauna Kea Magma
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Super Typhoon
& the Piña Colada of DOOM
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S.N.S. OG Sauce $8.00  Qty: more
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"Our joy is the literal growing of your hot-sauce and this company from the most fertile volcanic soil of Hawaii. What better place to start a hot sauce, then an Island made from Lava!

All of our peppers, fruits and vegetables used in our sauces are naturally/organically grown, always first sourcing locally. We strive for being able to offer you in the not too distant future 100% Organic as this is best for the planet, and since we live here, well, that's really good for us apparently as well."


S.N.S. OG Ingredients: Organic carrots, organic ghost peppers, datil peppers (from St. Augustine FL!), Hawaiian chilis and Hawaiian Akua peppers, garlic, distilled white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, organic juice from Hawaiian limes, filtered water, Hawaiian sea salt, and organic sugar, with a wee bit o teeth gnashing and high hopes.

Super Typhoon and the Piña Colada of DOOM! Ingredients: Hawaiian pineapples, cast iron toasted coconuts, apple cider vinegar, organic Hawaiian lime juice, distilled white vinegar, ghost chili's, Hawaiian Akua chili's, Hawaiian Chili's, Hawaiian sea salt, organic sugar, shake, rattle, roll.

God Fearing Monkeys in Bob's Disco inferno Ingredients: Naturally grown lime juice, ghost pepper, Poi made from naturally grown local Taro, Hawaiian Akua chili, Hawaiian chili's, organic Hawaiian lime juice, apple cider vinegar, distilled white vinegar, cast iron light toasted organic cacao, organic gulch apple bananas, Hawaiian sea salt, and mostly chill vibes

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