Farmers Market Delivery Service

Receive a seasonal mix of the finest local produce.

  • Add local products to your order
  • Pay as you go
  • Receive recipe recommendations
  • Hold deliveries - use the system calendar to place your box on hold when you want

Farmers` Market Bag

Farmers` market bag includes $20 worth of a variety of all fresh, local produce. The price also includes delivery plus tax.


Ahi ($40.00 )

Ahi Fish -

Extra Produce Bag ($20.00 )

Add an additional bag of produce to your order!

Spicy Pickled Okra-GreenWheel Food Hub ($16.00 )

Spicy Pickled Okra is perfect for snacking, adding to a cheese and charcuterie board, or to add a special touch to your best Bloody Mary! Okra is grown by Ho Farms.

HI Tea Shop Vetiver Tea & Sugar ($10.00 )

Vetiver blended teas and sugar.

Macadamia Nuts ($8.00 )

Hawaiian macadamia nuts, sea salt or cinnamon spiced, 4oz or 9oz bags

Aloha Kimchi ($14.00 )

Aloha Kimchi with Ginger and Lemongrass

From: LifeFoods

Maunawili Honey ($12.00 )

HARC keeps honeybees on-site to promote pollination in koa plantings and thereby increase the production of disease resistant koa seed and other agroforestry crops such as coffee and cacao. The honey is produced entirely in Maunawili Valley on Oahu

Aloha Kraut ($11.00 )

Aloha Kraut with Maui Onion and Fennel

From: LifeFoods

Lifefoods Fermented Noni Ranch Salad Dressing ($11.00 )

Fermented Noni Ranch Salad Dressing-the perfect balance of sweet and tangy.

From: LifeFoods

LifeFoods Maqui Berry Balsamic Viniaigrette ($11.00 )

Maqui Berry Balsamic Viniaigrette, sweet, savory, and delicious!

From: LifeFoods

Feta Cheese ($9.00 )

Feta Cheese crumbles, perfect for salads, pizza, or wraps.

Honomu Jams & Jellies ($10.00 )

The jams and jellies are made from naturally grown tropical fruit on the Big Island.

Cheese ($9.00 )

Mild, Whole Milk, Fresh Cheese

From: Naked Cow Dairy

Butters ($6.00 )

Fresh local butter, including regular, macadamia nut honey, truffle, and garlic & herb flavors.

From: Naked Cow Dairy

North Shore Coffee Roasters Espresso Blend ($8.00 )

North Shore Coffee Roasters custom espresso blend is rich and smooth, and can be used in a drip machine or an espresso machine.

From: North Shore Coffee Roasters

North Shore Coffee Roasters Sunset Blend ($8.00 )

North Shore Coffee Roasters Sunset Blend is a dark blend that uses Kona coffee beans. It has less caffeine due to the dark roast.

From: North Shore Coffee Roasters

Free Range Eggs ($7.50 )

Locally produced, free range eggs from Waianae

From: Naked Cow Dairy

Dried Apple Banana ($6.50 )

Apple Bananas from Serikaku farms in Waiahole. No sprays, no additives, dried with only air and heat, 6oz bag.

From: Serikaku Farm Ltd.

Life Foods Original Superfoods Burger ($5.99 )

This burger provides a ton of antioxidants, 10g of high-quality protein, almost half of your daily dietary fiber (which helps lower cholesterol levels and fight heart disease). It is also high in B-vitamins.

Macadamia Soap ($5.00 )

100% macadamia nut oil soap, locally grown and processed on Hawaii Island. Honolii Soap Company.

Organic Lettuce/Extra Greens ($4.00 )

Either an extra head of aquaponically grown lettuce or baby greens, depending on the week. Both items are certified organic

From: Kahumana Farm

Natural Luffa Sponge ($3.00 )

natural and locally grown luffa sponge for cleansing

From: Ho Farms