Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my first bag?

Friday is the cutoff day for all orders.  So if you subscribe on a Friday, you will receive your first bag the following Wednesday/Thursday.  If you subscribe on a Saturday, you will receive your first bag two Wednesdays/Thursday from the day you subscribed. 

What do I do with the bag my produce came in? 

Part of being sustainable is reusing!  So, please save the bags that your produce comes in and give it to the delivery guys/girls when they drop off your new bag.  If you pick up at a drop location, please leave your bag at the drop site when you come to get your new bag.

Can I customize my bag?

Short answer, no.  Each week we're putting items in the bag that are all local and in season.  However, you can add Specialty Items such as butter, coffee, sirloin steak, and eggs to your order.

How can I put a delivery on hold?

Each member can put their delivery on hold by logging into their account.  Go to the Member Login page (from Oahu Fresh page, click member login at top right) and enter your username and password.  Then click on Your CSAWare Account, at top right.  On the right in the box for My Farmers Market Delivery Service, you will see an option for placing your box on hold.  From there, choose the date in the calendar that you would like to hold the delivery, and click the hold delivery button at the top left.  If it is too late and the bag has been ordered, it will not let you place a hold.  

Is the produce organic?

Our primary focus is on sourcing local produce.  Most of the items in the bag are grown organically produce but not always.  Oahu Fresh produce is always local and we know the farmers that we source from.   

What if I order Specialty Items?

If you order specialty items, your bag will have a tag on it with your name.  If you pick up from a drop location, please be sure you are on the list to receive a bag, and that the bag you are given has a name tag on it.  

What do I do if my scheduled bag is not delivered or not at the drop site?

If you are at the drop site, please ask to see the delivery list.  A list of members who are scheduled to receive bags is provided to each site on delivery day.  If you are not on that list or if you don't receive your bag at your home or office, please contact 808-221-0921.

What if my produce is not in good condition when it arrives?

We do our best to deliver your produce in fresh, edible condition.  If something is not up to par, please contact us by phone or email and let us know what it is.  We will do what we can to replace it in your next order. 

How is the produce delivered?

We have a refrigerated van that we use for deliveries.  If you receive your produce at the office, you may wish to refrigerate most of it until you go home for the day.  Butters and cream cheese should be refrigerated as soon as possible.