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Mild, Whole Milk, Fresh Cheese

From: Naked Cow Dairy

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Mild, Whole Milk, Fresh Cheese

The dairy is operated by two sisters - along with a niece and two friends - and produce approximately 140 pounds of fresh cheese a week, along with varying amounts of fromage blanc (french style spreadable cheese), butter and cow's milk feta, at their Naked Cow Dairy. The dairy cows are raised without antibiotics and growth hormones, and its products have earned their name: They truly are naked, free of preservatives and artificial flavorings. Naked Cow butter comes in flavors like garlic herb, macadamia nut and honey, and sweet cream unsalted; because its made from the milk of grass-fed cows, its higher in beta-carotene, which gives it a slightly orange hue and a sweeter flavor.

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